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Arowana Fish - Foods To Feed An Arowana

Arowana fish like all other species of fish or animals need a balanced diet. So here I will try and outline the correct types of food to feed any breed of arowana. It doesn't matter if your arowana is silver, green or red, but it matters that it gets the full range of food types as no one food source will have all the needed nutrients.

I would like to point out one thing before I go through the food types, and that is to be very careful when feeding your arowana live food. I see questions being asked all the time about different bugs and insects people have caught in there garden and asking if they can feed them to there arowana. I would not feed any type of food caught outdoors or in the wild to my arowana. The biggest cause of disease among aquarium arowanas is from live bait so only get it from a reliable dealer and not your garden.

Food Descriptions:

This is a very good and nutritious food for your arowana fish and has little or no risk of disease transmission. Just make sure that the crickets you are feeding your fish are the correct size for him to eat. The varying sizes of cricket can be found in any good fish or pet store.

This is also a very nutritious food for your arowana but generally are easier to find frozen than live in the stores. In Asia they are used to help bring out the colour of the fish.

Live Fish
Any fish that is not poisonous and can fit in an arowanas mouth can be used as food. Just be careful and make sure that you are getting the live fish from a reliable source. Most commonly feeder gold, meadow, baby koi, baby catfish and small chidlid are used as bait.

This a another very nutritious food for an arowana but it can be pricey. You can use it from time to time just to mix up the diet a bit.

Again another nutritious food for you arowana fish. If your fish will accept dead mealworm then it is recommeneded that you drown the mealworm first. Also if you removed the head of the mealworm before feeding it can help the arowana to digest them better.

This is a very healthy food for any arowana and has a minimal risk of disease transmission. It is better first to feed the earthworms with nutritious food first to help clear the soil from within it.

There is a lot of reputable brands of arowana pellet food on the market and all have varying degrees to nutritional value. Pick one that you prefer and use it along with other food sources.

A very healthy and nutritious food source for an arowana which is most commonly used in Asia. Frogs are thought to help bring out the colour in the arowana. Just make sure that the frog is not poisonous and again only buy from a reliable source.

Here I hope I have covered most of the different food types that you can feed your arowana fish. Some arowanas might prefer one food type over another but you can mix and match their diet to vary it for them.


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